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PhotoCapture 360M

PhotoCapture 360M - 360 Degree Product Photo Turntable

  • Industry leading 360 degree product photo turntable for creating 360 product views
  • Computer-controlled product photo turntable automates 360 image capture (JPG / RAW) and instantly creates professional 360 product views in HTML5 and Flash formats
  • Software (MAC or Windows) controls a compatible Canon or Nikon DSLR camera (sold separate) and turntable movement to streamline picture taking, image processing, stitching and more  
  • Industrial-strength 360 degree product photo turntable provides smooth, precise rotation
  • Fast, Efficient and Easy to Use. PhotoCapture 360 offers the most efficient photography workflows available
  • Create interactive 360 product views that increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction
  • 360 product views in HTML5 can be viewed on all computer and mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads
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  • Use 360 product views to better showcase your products; to increase the amount of information and images available.

  • "We absolutely love our Ortery PhotoCapture 360M product photo turntable!" - Damion Lloyd – Photographer, Damion Lloyd Photography

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PhotoCaputure 360M is a computer-controlled (Mac and PC) product photo turntable capable of creating professional still shots and 360 product views. Simple to use, this image automation production tool boasts a 22" diameter platform, 200 lbs load capacity and 3-speed clockwise / counterclockwise rotation (continuous or stepping) to provide smooth, precise rotation.


Damion Lloyd Photography

Compatible with most Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras, PhotoCapture 360 product photo turntable fully automates image capture by synchronizing picture taking with turntable movement.

With invaluable features such as Large Live Preview, AfterImage, Advanced Saving, 360 Image Magnifier and more. PhotoCapture 360M quickly and efficiently captures still shots in JPG and RAW then outputs professional grade 360 product views in Flash and HTML5 formats.

Each 360 view features photo-quality imaging with click-and-drag mouse control. These can be played on all browsers and mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Driod and Windows devices) to enhance visual communication.

PhotoCapture 360M is perfect for eCommerce, Mobile Commerce, Presentations, Product Design / Development, Quality Control and daily business communication.

For enhanced PhotoCapture 360M output, consider coupling it with Ortery TruView 360 for creating HTML5 and Flash animations with deep zooming, image tagging and more.

 An SDK (Windows / Mac) for implementing PhotoCapture 360M into your own workflow is also available. Call for details.



How It Works:  

1. Connect PhotoCapture 360M product photo turntable and compatible camera to computer via USB and launch included software.

2. Place an item on the photo turntable and use PhotoCapture software to:

a. ‘Preview’ the item computer monitor screen in real-time

b. Rotate item/turntable 360 degrees. Adjust position until centered

c. While the object rotates 360, use the PhotoCapture 360M software to pre-define camera and crop settings. Pictures are automatically cropped. Camera settings such as aperture, shutter, white balance and focus can be adjusted in the software

d. Select the number of pictures to take (between 4 and 360), define other animation features and then press “Start”. 

3. The software, camera and 360 photo turntable work in unison to automatically capture JPG or RAW images. (rotate-snap, rotate-snap, …until finished) Images are immediately uploaded and saved to the computer.

4. Confirm and Retake - Users are able to view each picture and confirm quality. If required, individual photos can be immediately re-taken with the turntable spinning back to the correct angle. 

5. Individual images can be exported (for cleaning or stitching in a 3rd party software), sent via email, printed, annotated, edited or immediately stitched in the PhotoCapture software to create a 360 product view in Flash or HTML5 formats.

Dramatically increase productivity with the Advanced 360 Mode by saving and reusing previous settings.


PhotoCapture 360M - Real-time Preview

Damion Lloyd Photography

PhotoCapture 360 - 360 Product Photo Turntable


Advanced 360 Image Capture Mode


After Image Feature


Annotation Tools


360 Product View Magnifier Ouput


PhotoCapture 360M -Capture Release


Custom Define




Complete System
PhotoCapture 360M consists of a motorized product photo turntable and PhotoCapture 360 image creation software. When used with a compatible Canon or Nikon DSLR camera, users are able to efficiently compose, capture, process and save professional still and 360 product views for use in any web or print application.

200 lbs. Capacity

22” Platform - Larger platforms can be attached.

Automated JPG and RAW Image Capture

Software Controlled

The PhotoCapture 360M software controls and automates every aspect of the photography, processing and stitching workflows.

  • 360 Product Photography – Simply place an object in the center of the product photo turntable. Capture between 4 and 360 individual images per rotation. The 360 image capture process is completely automated via USB as software synchronizes picture taking with turntable movement. Captured images can be exported or directly stitched in the software to create interactive 360 product views in HTML5 and Flash formats.
  • Still Sequence Product Photography – Use the turntable, software and multiple compatible cameras to create a custom defined sequence of still photos. For example, use the system to automatically take 6 pictures from the various angles. Once the custom sequence is created, it can be re-used. 

Achieve Precise, Repeatable Angles
Computer-controlled automation allows for maximum efficiencies and precise shooting angles every time.

Works With Both Continuous Light and Strobes
PhotoCapture 360M photography turntable fits well into any existing photography setup. It’s also very mobile.

Integrated 360 Stitching in HTML5 or Flash
Capture then instantly compose images into a 360 product view in HTML5, GIF or Flash. When composing the 360 product view, users will choose output format, spin direction and rotation speed. All 360 views include click-and-drag mouse control, dynamic image resizing on mobile devices and optimized download times.

360 Product View Types - Several types of HTML5 and Flash outputs can be created. 

  • Auto Play – Always spinning with click-and-drag mouse control
  • Spin Once – Spins once to get customer’s attention, then click-and-drag mouse control
  • Static – This animation only moves when moved with mouse control
  • Standard Viewer – Features play, pause, next frame and previous frame buttons. Users can select from 4 button styles or create their own (HTML5 only)
  • Dual Animation – By moving an object as it rotates (ex. Camera view finder pop out as camera rotates)
  • Magnifier – A magnifier can be added to any animation type to view the object at 3X magnification from any angle
  • *Watermarked – Watermarks can be added to any animation type
  • Rotational Inertia – this gesture control allows the user to flick an animation in either direction to have the animation speed up then slowly return to its original spin rate
  • *Add Frames – Create hot spots in the 360 view that indicate additional information or movement

Easy to Use 
PhotoCapture 360M photo turntable is designed for users of any skill level. In just minutes, users are able to set up the turntable, install the software and start creating high quality, interactive 360 product views. Software manages and simplifies the complete workflow.

Fast & Efficient
By integrating the image capture, processing and stitching workflows with software, users are able to eliminate many tedious and time consuming tasks. Create a 24 frame 360 product view (from beginning to end) in less than 3 minutes per product. No project is too large or too small. For those who need to shoot a lot of products, the advanced creation and saving features allows users to re-use previous settings for maximum throughput.

MAC and Windows Compatible

Individual Frame Export/Import
The individual JPG and RAW images captured in 360 can be exported for editing or use in any application. JPG or PNG* images can be re-imported for stitching into an interactive 360 view in HTML5 or Flash. During the import images can be batch re-sized and watermarked with a customized logo.

Multiple Camera Control
Simultaneously control and take pictures with multiple Canon DSLR cameras attached to the system. Use the Custom Define feature, turntable and multiple cameras to quickly create the sequence of images you require.

*Custom Defined
Users are able to specify, set and save a sequence of images to be shot. Sequences can be re-used and utilize more than one Canon camera placed in different locations. 

*3D Image Capture Workflow
PhotoCapture 360M software is the perfect companion for Ortery TruView 360 and Ortery TruView 3D for composing 360 and 3D animations with deep zoom, image tagging and more. 

Still Image Capture
In addition to 360 image capture, PhotoCapture 360M can also streamline all still shot workflows.

Large Live Preview
PhotoCapture 360M software displays the cameras live view as a real-time preview on a computer monitor.  In the real time preview, users can make camera, lighting and crop adjustments to compose the image and see the result before taking any pictures.  For shooting 360s, the real time preview also allows the user to see the object spin 360 and ensure correct positioning of the object in the center of the turntable prior to image capture.

Use the real time preview to set crop markers before taking still or 360 product views. Pictures are automatically cropped as they are captured, eliminating the need for post-production. Crop can be set as:

  • Free Form – Adjust crop as required
  • Fixed Ratio – Pre-define an aspect ratio that will constrain the crop to a specific size (ex. 4 x3)
  • Square – Crop in a perfect square

This feature allows users to overlay a transparent image of a previous shot on the Preview to ensure that future shots are all taken at the same, consistent angle.

*Highlight Alert
When activated, this feature will highlight the parts of the picture you are about to take that will be pure white in the final output.

Auto, Manual and Fixed Focus
Users have the ability to auto focus; manually focus on the camera or manually focus in the software while viewing a real time preview.  Manual focus can be set once and applied to a set of images in the 360 mode.

Shutter Release Capability
For 360 image capture, the turntable can be connected directly to any camera with shutter release capability. In this configuration, picture taking is automated and controlled through the software at each angle with images being saved to the cameras memory card. Depending on camera type a special cord may be required from Ortery.

Advanced 360 Workflow
The standard 360 workflow guides users through creating a 360 product view in a step by step process. The Advanced 360 workflow allows users to save and re-use the image capture and saving parameters to dramatically increase speed.

*Advanced Batch Saving
Create and re-use custom saving profiles to batch save images in several formats. Options include:

  • File name - Assign specific names using extremely flexible naming formulas   
  • File format – Still - JPG and RAW
  • Still Shot Magnifier – Still images can be saved in HTML5 or Flash format with a built in Magnifier for viewing image details at 3X magnification
  • Save Location - Batch save images to one or more folders simultaneously
  • Image Size - Each image can be independently resized
  • Resolution – 72, 150 or 300 DPI
  • Batch Edit – Auto apply image editing presets
  • *Watermarking – Apply text or logo watermarks to images for increased protection and marketing
  • *Annotations – Include or restrict annotations in the final saved image

A practical use for this feature is to simultaneously save captured images as a thumbnail, product shot, oversized product shot and as the original master – to different folders with different names, sizes and with other unique features. 

Image Editing
Includes single or batch color correction tools (including Levels*, Curves*, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation & Sharpness) and an image masking tool that allows users to select and change background color to pure white or any other color.  The batch auto correct tool does an excellent job. Image editing in the MAC software only supports single image editing (includes Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Temperature, Tint, Sepia, Sharpness)

Three Shooting Modes
Users have the ability to rotate their items clockwise or counterclockwise and shoot in three different photography modes:

  • Continuous – Software communicates back and forth between camera and turntable through USB to automate image capture (turn, stop, snap, …)
  • Time Lapse – Users can specify an amount of time to wait before the camera snaps the image at each angle. This feature is ideal for: Shooting with strobes or for items that need to settle or stop moving before the next picture is taken.
  • Manual – Users can manually snap images using the mouse at each individual angle

*Custom Animations - 180, 120 and 90 degree product views
In addition to creating 360 product views, PhotoCapture 360 can also create 180, 120 and 90 degree product views. Users choose the number of pictures to capture over the spin rage selected.

*Image Annotation
Each captured JPG image/frame can be annotated with text and drawings as well as batch edited, printed or sent by email inside the software.  A useful example would be an 8 frame animation with annotations that discuss product development information on each frame.

Mobile Optimized 360 Product Views
HTML5 animations can be viewed from any computer, cell phone or tablet. Animations include dynamic resizing, optimized load times and gesture (touch and drag) control.

Individual JPG images can be watermarked immediately after capture or when imported back in prior to 360 product view composition. Users can upload a logo or chose from a preset. Watermarking is a great way for businesses to brand and protect the animations they create. This feature is also great for the professional who wishes to send proofs to the customer.

PhotoCapture 360M features continuous rotation at 3 speeds in both directions. This is a great tool for 360-degree product video creation. Please note video capture requires the user to manually start and stop recording.

For companies interested in building PhotoCapture 360M into a customized workflow, a Mac and Windows-based SDK with hooks to control turntable movement is available. 

Free Technical Support, One-Year Free Software Upgrades & One-Year Warranty

Still Image Magnifier
Utilizes HTML5 coding to provide 3x magnification of any image.

*Windows Software Only




  • Computer-controlled 360 Product Photo Turntable (PC and Mac) Automates Image Capture and Processing
  • 22” Platforms with 200 lbs. Capacity
  • System Control Software Simplifies Still and 360 Product Photography
  • Automatic Image Capture, Download and Batch Image Processing
  • Creates Professional Photos (JPG/RAW) and 360 Product Views (HTML5 and Flash ouput)
  • 360 Views feature Interactive Product Views with Click and Drag Mouse Control, Inertia, Magnification and a Customizable Look and Feel
  • Create a 24 Frame 360 Product View (from beginning to end) in Less than 3 Minutes per Product
  • 360 Product Views in HTML5 are Optimized for Viewing on Any Computer or Mobile Device
  • Full Camera Control Via Software for Compatible Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras. Any Camera with Shutter Release Capability can be used for Automated 360 Image Capture (special cord may be required) 
  • Optimize Camera Settings then Save for Reuse 
  • Large real-time preview - See Everything Before it is Captured
  • Achieve Maximum Consistently Between Shots with AfterImage
  • Still Shot and 360 Magnifiers for Displaying Photos and Animations Up Close
  • Multiple Camera Control - Control Several Canon Cameras Simultaneously to Enhance Productivity
  • Advanced Saving Mode – Use Preset Profiles to Save Images in Multiple Sizes and Formats with One-click
  • Advanced 360 Capture and Advanced 360 Saving Features Allow Users to Re-use Previous Settings to Increase Throughput 
  • Pre-crop – Save Time by Cropping Images in the Real-time Preview Before Image Capture
  • Watermark and Edit Images Individually or in a Batch Process
  • Built-in Levels, Curves and Background Removal Capabilities
  • Send Images to Any 3rd Party Editor Such as Photoshop or to a Local or Network Folder 
  • Fast Production Tool for Large Projects
  • Annotate and Send - Take, Annotate and Send Photos in Seconds
  • Huge ROI
  • Excellent Craftsmanship, Free Technical Support, One-year Free Software Upgrades and One-year Warranty


Larger Turntable Platforms

Add a 3D MultiArm

Add a 3D PhotoArm

Add 3D PhotoArm 2000 or 3D PhotoArm 3000 to create hemispherical and full spherical animations with deep zoom, image tags and other product demonstration features. These solutions feature a flexible shooting radius




Add Ortery TruView 360

Add Ortery TruView 360 to create animations with deep zoom, image tags and demo capabilities




Compatible Cameras:  Most Canon and Nikon cameras are compatible with this product. Compatible Camera List

Dimensions (L x W x H):  


23.6 x 23.6 x 8.3"



Maximum Object Weight:

200 lbs.

Turntable Weight:

53.2 lbs

Shipping Weight:

57 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions:

28 x 28 x 16"

Power Requirements:

Standard 110v (220V units available upon request)

Software Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 (latest Service Packs) and Windows 10 compatibility (Administrator Account for all Windows OS)

CPU: Intel CoreTM 2 Duo E6600 (2.2 GHz) or AMD Athlon 64 X 25000 + (2.6GHz) or better

RAM: 4 GB VGA: Min. 1024 x 768, True color

Internet connection with active email account (optional) 

Min. 2 USB Ports

CD / DVD ROM drive

Package Contents:

  • Installation CD with PhotoCapture 360M software (Mac and Windows), User Guide, Photography Tips
  • PhotoCapture 360M turntable with 22" rotation platform
  • One white platform cover
  • One black platform cover
  • Power cord
  • 10' USB cable with signal filtering capability
  • Regular 6' USB cable